All of the instructors associated with The Hickory Music Factory have specific talents and skills. Collectively, they have extensive experience in many fields – music instruction, recording, song writing, performance and more.

ALAN MEARNS   (guitar, vocal) 828-228-3583

CHRISTA O’HARE   (music therapy) 828-962-8938

E’LON JORDAN-DUNLAP   (bass) 828-449-4255 

LAURA GREENE FOX   (piano, flute, violin) 828-244-8642  

LIAM BAILEY   (fiddle, banjo, voice) 615-400-8088    

MARIA GROSSO   (violin, piano, voice) 828-781-7803  

MARK “CONRAD” BOUDREAU   (mandolin, guitar) 315-240-4698    

MARK HEFNER   (trumpet) 828-962-9081

MATT DECKER   (drums, recording) 828-310-1661  

RICK CLINE   (drums) 828-320-2959  

RICK HEFNER   (sax, flute, ukulele, piano) 828-638-0501 

STEVE CLARKE   (voice, piano) 334-332-8171  

TONY ELTORA   (guitar) 828-638-0939